Global technology research giant Gartner has predicted that worldwide spending on information technology will rise by 3.7% in 2012, a forecast which may bring a cautious smile of optimism to the faces of many PAYE umbrella techies who make their livings through IT contracting.

If the projection is borne out, IT spending will rise to £2.45 trillion during 2012, with companies investing in new IT solutions to help them secure much-needed growth. This represents a significant advance on last year’s figure of £2.38 trillion but is still lower than Gartner’s earlier estimates for 2012. Last year, the firm predicted growth of 4.6% in 2012, but downgraded the forecast in response to several impeding factors, such as the continuing Eurozone crisis and the floods in Thailand.

Even so, the revised 3.7% figure is distinctly better than some pundits had projected and, if realised, will see spending increase on all four of the major technology sectors (telecommunications equipment and services, computer hardware, enterprise software and IT services). For contractors, this boils down to more opportunities in the IT skills market.

Revenue from enterprise software is expected to increase by 6.4%, while that generated by telecom equipment is expected to rise by 6.9%.

Richard Gordon, Vice President of Research at Gartner, explained that the floods in Thailand will dent the production of hard drives; the country is a major hub for hard drive manufacture as well as other components. The disaster, which ruined many manufacturing centres, could well see production drop by as much as 25% over the coming six to nine months.

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