The IT Job Board has revealed that there is a positive outlook in 2010 for contractors with IT skills. Reporting that there is likely to be a rise in demand for business analysts, web development professionals and project managers, the study concluded that 34per cent of professionals within the industry expected that 2010 was see a surge in demand for managers, closely followed by analyst recruitment.

With companies embarking on large expansion plans and new IT projects in 2010, sales director at the IT Job Board Peter Healey expressed that he expected “a great deal more” management roles being recruited for. Furthering his point, Mr Healey said that along with project managers, new schemes would also ensure rising posts for those in development and testing niches. Particularly badly hit during the recession, these positions are likely to flood back into the 2010 job market, a positive sign for contractors working through PAYE umbrella companies.

He added “as we continue to get to grips with social and business networking, Web 2.0 skills will be critical, for example .net and Java,” explaining that now was the ideal opportunity for individuals to increase their skill set by developing .net, Java, web development and SAP competences.

Also spurring the movement for the uptake of freelancers on a short-term basis was last week’s claim by the PCG. Explaining the benefits of hiring short term contractors, PCG managing director John Brazier said that both cost and risk to companies could be minimised by outsourcing job positions for contract work.

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