Jenrick IT have conducted research amongst 550 IT contractors, each with an online presence, which has concluded that contractors who fail to update their skills on a regular basis are likely to experience stagnating pay rates.

Speaking of their findings, Jenrick stated that over a third of their respondents confessed to neglecting further training and skills building. Jenrick stated the result of this negligence was “limiting their opportunities” and capping their actual earnings potential.

Philip Fanthom, Jenrick’s managing director, commented: “Contractors need to be aware of the external environment in which they operate. More and more clients are seeking skill validation, in the form of external recognition through accreditations, as a core part of their initial screening process.”

He continued: “It is very easy for contractors to get ‘sucked in’ to the environments in which they operate…[often] due to the intensity of the projects they are involved in. This often means that self-development, in terms of skill enhancement and the gaining of accreditations, is often neglected.”

Having assessed Jenrick’s findings, fellow IT recruiter Hays IT stated that IT contractors should be building on their skills every week. Contractors should also be regularly reviewing their skills set in a bid to highlight any learning needs. This is especially important as more and more contractors are looking for opportunities out-with the public sector due to the funding cuts.

Finally, SQ Computer Personnel’s Bernie Potton concluded: “Public sector end-users may offer retraining or a skills upgrade as a part of a redundancy package. So IT workers should take advantage of all the training and development the public sector might offer, if they want the best opportunity to find work elsewhere.”

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