Recruitment agency Randstad Technologies has revised its forecast for the number of IT staff the UK will need by 2050: the figure is likely to be at least 21,000 higher than previously predicted because of a surge in tech startups.

An earlier report by the recruiter estimated that the UK’s IT workforce would need to expand by 5,000 every year from 2008 in order to have the requisite 510,000 techies in place by 2050. While the IT workforce is on track to meet that original target, recent growth in tech startups and specialist areas such as mobile platforms, big data and security has ramped up demand, Randstad says.

The MD of Randstad Technologies, Mike Beresford said that it was “fantastic” to see how rapidly the sector had forged ahead in terms of job creation and growth over the last five years. IT was becoming an increasingly desirable career path for many young people due to the relatively high pay rates in the profession and the growing role of technology in daily life.

The future will not necessarily be plain sailing for tech firms, however. Mr Beresford added: “But it’s far too early for the sector to rest on its laurels. Technology is a huge area and while there has been a surge of employees in the sector overall, there is still a real shortage of highly-trained IT professionals with the most in-demand skills.”

He forecast a “huge growth in demand” for skilled IT pros over the next five years, which suggests that skilled Umbrella Company Employees contracting in the sector will see unprecedented demand for their talents.

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