UK contractors working in the IT industry, particularly those working as limited companies or sole traders have been boosted by a new report from an advice website.

The report claims that a wholesale changed in attitude means a larger amount of businesses do not know view IT as an area they can cut back on. This is a drastic sea change from previous economic downturns where IT budgets were among the biggest cutbacks for many organisations.

Of course the importance of IT is growing all the time. There are huge numbers of contractors working in the IT industry, and that number is expected to grow significantly in the years ahead. Whilst many businesses and organisations will have to make IT cutbacks, the fact that they will only do if absolutely necessary is a major boost to contractors in the industry.

“This time round IT was seen as both a cost-cutting enabler and as too crucial to the business,” said Gerry McLaughlin, spokesman for

“In the new information age, access to business information is seen as the biggest differentiator and companies didn’t want to come out of recession a couple of years behind their rivals in terms of the software components of their products and services.”

Contractors out of work or looking to retrain would do well to consider the benefits of the IT industry. Whatever the effects of the upcoming spending review, the IT sector should continue to grow in the next decade.

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