2012 may herald the start of lucrative times in the world of IT contracting, with two major new developments underway.

PAYE umbrella techies may be interested to discover that a small but significant stampede is beginning amongst IT professionals in the direction of mobile technology. Specialist IT recruiter CWJobs.co.uk has released a poll showing that almost a fifth of IT specialists (19%) are planning a major overhaul of their skills base to concentrate on mobile computing. Over three quarters (78%) believe that graduates entering the industry would be well advised to get into mobile computing.

A joint survey by the marketing agency Vanson Bourne and software company Antenna Software reveals why: over the next 18 months, UK businesses are likely to double their spend on mobile projects.

CWJobs’ website director, Richard Nott, said: “Who would have guessed five years ago that apps such as Angry Birds would turn into a multimillion pound product? Mobile computing presents huge opportunities for businesses, and in turn, fantastic career opportunities for skilled IT pros.”

There is more encouraging news for those specialising in the IT skills market. The Indian IT giant Tata Consultancy Services, which already employs 6,739 staff in the UK alone, has announced its intention to hire a further 1,500 British IT professionals during 2012. Other big Indian IT firms planning to hire in the UK are Wipro and Infosys.

The move to the UK marks the possible beginnings of a turnaround in IT jobs, many of which were outsourced to India and the Philippines in recent years, at least so far as software development was concerned.

Prepare to get busy, IT contractors.

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