A conflicting picture is emerging about the current state of IT contracting in the UK, with new data from specialist recruiter CWJobs yielding a more optimistic scenario than the REC’s latest Report on Jobs.

According to the latter, PAYE umbrella techies working in the IT skills market saw a slight dip in assignment availability in July – down from June’s score of 51.9 to 51.6, which is noticeably lower than last July’s score of 55.5.

Figures from CWJobs, however, stand in marked contrast, indicating a 3% growth in demand for IT contractors, which the recruiter thinks is attributable to the Olympics. A number of organisations have brought in additional contractors to handle increased IT demand generated by the Olympic Games. The lion’s share (90%) of IT contracting vacancies arose in the traditional heartland for technology roles – London and South East (ie close to the Games).

The Director of CW Jobs, Richard Nott, said: “A significant number will have been recruited just to work on the opening ceremony, for example, and that’s before you take into consideration those extra hands needed for traffic management systems and broadcasting images and videos of the athletes in action.”

While permanent billings fell for the first time since October 2009, demand for IT contractors with specific skills grew healthily. These included .Net (with vacancies up by 3.3%), C# (up by 3.1%), Agile (up by 3.2%), and Java and SQL (both up by 3.1%).

The figures are based on job billings occurring on the UK’s leading IT and general websites, as well as in IT business magazines and the national and regional press.

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