A new analysis of job ads posted on its site by Randstad Technologies has found that employers in the UK’s tech sector seek soft skills such as teamwork, communication, organisation and time management in candidates alongside formal technical expertise.

Topping the league table for most in-demand soft skills were good team players capable of collaborating and working well with others (66% of employers included this in their ads). The runner up place goes to candidates demonstrating excellent communication skills, with 43% of employers mentioning this characteristic in their ads. More than one-quarter (28%) considered organisation skills as crucial, while one-fifth (22%) mentioned good time management skills.

Other skills making it into the league table of desirable attributes for IT pros were problem solving (11%), leadership (10%), interpersonal (8%), relationship building (6%) and negotiation (4%).

Randstad Technologies’ MD, Ruth Jacobs, said that companies needed not just technical expertise to stay competitive but also soft skills. Research from the Development Economics group recently calculated that soft skills are worth approximately £88bn per year to businesses, she added, explaining: “For instance IT project manager jobs or even network engineer jobs require a candidate to be effective, have strong organisation and time management skills. Teamwork is another particularly valuable skill as projects can encompass multiple departments and communication across them is vital to ensure that deadlines are met and tasks are done in the right sequence.”

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