There seems to be a direct link between the recent demand for IT staff and the recovery of the banking industry. This is the belief of the Association of Recruitment Consultants (ARC) who believe that many companies are looking to upgrade their IT systems as the UK leaves recession. This means that skilled IT contractors are back in demand.

This increase in job opportunities was actually evident in the most recent Report on Jobs from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, which showed that employment for both contract and permanent staff increased in February.

Chairman of ARC, Adrian Marlowe, said: “As far as IT is concerned, our members have also experienced an increase in IT employment requirements. At the moment, there is definitely an increase in work of that nature.”

He continued: “I think that having laid low for 18 months or so, those organisations that have larger IT requirements are taking the view that they need to upgrade their systems, hence the IT requirement in that regard.”

However, the REC have warned that there will need to be “radical reform” to ensure that the ongoing cuts in public spending do not have a negative effect on recruitment opportunities. Their Report on Jobs did show the sharpest increase in the number of vacancies between January and February through the past 30 months, however the report noted a slowdown in billing for contractors during that period.

Chief executive of REC, Kevin Green, believes that contractor opportunities in the public sector could be set to decrease: “Looking ahead, there are indications that recruitment in the public sector could drop off fast. A new approach to public sector resourcing is now critical and will have a direct impact on the wider employment outlook. We question whether the public sector has the right capability in place to lead the necessary transformation and put in place staffing structures that will keep costs down while improving public services.”

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