An abundance of new assignments may be in the pipeline for PAYE umbrella techies specialising in the IT skills market if the findings of a new survey are heeded.

An overwhelming majority of UK businesses – 93% – believe that the new generation of internet technology, 4G, should be deployed at the earliest possible opportunity, with 94% insisting that it is ‘essential’ if the UK’s competitiveness is to be sustained. This is according to a survey of 1,000 businesses conducted by the Coleman Parkes research firm on behalf of the network provider Everything Everywhere.

86% of those polled believe that access to 4G technology would substantially improve their productivity. Just under a third of respondents (29%) say that the new network will enhance and simplify communications with costumers and colleagues alike via CRM applications, mobile TV and video conferencing.

Experts in the world of IT contracting could find themselves very much in demand if the new technology is moved forward, not only in order to set it up but also because it will hugely increase opportunities for flexible working. Over a quarter of businesses (27%) believe that the new cloud capabilities of 4G will make accessing and securely updating documents much easier.

Everything Everywhere’s Vice President of B2B, Martin Stiven, said: “In today’s global economy, UK businesses need 4G networks to help them be more productive and compete on the international stage. Half of the countries on the G20 list of the world’s biggest economies already have 4G, leaving British businesses at risk of falling behind rivals.”

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