The Institute for Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) recently conducted their Business Confidence Monitor (BCM) survey which resulted in the first positive reading for two year. The findings concluded that optimism had increased from -28.2 to +4.8. Some have commented that the results of this survey, amongst others, show that Britain is now coming out of the recession.

As a response to these claims, the ‘Recruiter’ has spoken to several recruiters throughout the country to get their thoughts, which have been mixed.

Managing Director of Armstrong Human Resource in Oxfordshire said, “I think there is certainly some movement going on. August is a particularly difficult month anyway. You can’t gauge what’s happening at the moment. Our temporary workforce is building up but whether the recession is over, I am not sure about that.”

Director of Conceptuality, Spencer Symons was much more positive, commenting: “January to mid April was pretty horrendous. Since then it has been pretty fantastic. We have got more vacancies than we have ever had. We placed more vacancies on contract on perm in IT and engineering in the past three months than we have in any previous year. We are also recruiting consultants for the first time in eight months.”

However, the director of Brightwork Specialist Recruitment, Shan Saba was certainly not as positive, stating: “The feeling we get from our clients is that it is far from over. Our client base in the surveys we have been conducting is there is more to come and it is not going to get better sooner.”

Only time will tell whether the increased optimism from the Business Confidence Monitor is warranted.

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