Contractors working through umbrella companies can avoid delays in starting new placements by taking health and safety training before their contracts begin, the firm HSE Passport advises.

The company, as its name suggests, provides PAYE umbrella contractors with a recognised HSE ‘passport’ which shows recruiters and employers that up-to-date training in health and safety legislation and practises has been completed. This spares them hours of compulsory in-house safety training before starting new placements and enables them to ‘hit the ground running’, getting stuck in to the work they were hired to do from day one.

HSE Passport’s General Manager, Guy Schrecker, confirmed that employers would recognise his firm’s passport card as proof that the contractor is ‘health and safety-ready’ and does not need to undergo any safety induction training before beginning the placement. The passports are portable and can be carried by the contractor from project to project, he added.

Mr Schrecker believes that recruiters should now make them compulsory. The benefits to clients are obvious – they save valuable time and money. Many umbrella service contractors may soon find themselves beginning an HSE passport training course if recruiters take up Mr Shrecker’s advice.

Although many of them might at first balk at the idea of compulsion, there are clear advantages to contractors, as well as employers, not least because they open the door to immediate starts when contracts are secured. If an HSE passport makes it quicker to begin working (and getting paid), it seems altogether less objectionable to be required to have one.

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