Even in the midst of recession-related struggle a majority of interim managers maintain an optimistic attitude toward their jobs, remaining confident that their flexibility, expertise and result-driven focus will eventually earn them more work, a recent survey shows.

Russam GMS, an interim management provider, asked 10,000 interims in their second ‘Recession and the Interim Manager” survey how they felt about their position in the current economic situation and what their future prospects were in regards to their jobs. 61% of those asked stated that they were confident of their eventual success in spite of the recession, as many businesses eager to get quickly back on track are believed to be planning to opt for interim management in the future.

Financial struggle however is currently a major issue for many interims. According to the survey, half of the respondents said they had suffered with being given fewer assignments, with 19% claiming that it takes clients longer to make decisions. 11% considered the current market overflowing with people without previous interim experience, most of whom have been recently made redundant.

GMS urged interims to ensure that they are adequately trained and prepared for the abundant problems in the market today.

Charles Russam, chairman of Russam GMS, told Recruiter: “Training and development is important. The IMA [Interim Management Association] Institute provides excellent interim training programmes and at Russam we have many professional development activities for our interims. The most important thing for interims is to think of themselves as a serious small business, not as an individual.”

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