Senior Umbrella Company Employees and other executive freelancers contracting as interim managers are about to find the task of landing new assignments a good deal easier and faster thanks to Norrie Johnston Recruitment (NJR), a new executive and senior interim management search business.

Mr Johnston, who is a leading pioneer in e-recruitment, is ensuring that candidate placement will be managed as efficiently as possible by offering ace recruiters remuneration packages well above the industry standard. He believes that agencies that simply “trumpet the size of their talent pool” no longer cut the mustard in today’s competitive market; the key skill today is rapidly sifting through vast numbers of potential senior candidates in order to create a precisely-matched shortlist in the shortest possible time.

He explains: “That requires great technology, of course, but also brilliant, experienced recruiters; people who are working at the top of the recruitment game but who have also worked in the corporate world and so understand the pressures of working at a senior level in business.  When you have that combination of people and technology, the end result is incredibly powerful.”

The new venture’s fusion of top recruitment talent and cutting-edge technology will, Mr Johnston confidently asserts, allow NJR to provide meticulously sifted shortlists of interim management candidates perfectly tailored to end-client requirements within four days. The timeframe for permies will be 21 days from brief to shortlist.

Despite having just launched, NJR is already attracting strong interest from the market. British Gas’ divisional MD, Stuart Rolland, said that NJR’s recruitment model “will find great favour” amongst today’s corporates, which are looking for more than mere talk about technology and talent pools.

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