IT contractors in the UK could be set to benefit from the inefficiency of UK firms. It has been claimed that many British companies are struggling with their IT provision which could create opportunities for skilled IT contractors.

This has been the suggestion of Centrix Software, an IT optimisation firm. They have stated that managers in IT services are having particular difficulty with determining the appropriate use for applications and technical devices within their departments. It seems such department heads are requiring the expertise and skills base which is commonplace within the technical freelancing community.

The firm conducted a survey amongst such businesses. Just over half of the respondents said that they would be able to figure these issues out themselves “with some difficulty” while a further 22 per cent stated that they would find such a task “extremely difficult” or “impossible”.

Centrix believes this is evidence that many businesses are not protecting their IT investments due to an inability to use the software and associated devices to their full advantage. This could actually be costly to these businesses.

This is certainly the view of Lisa Hammond, Centrix chief executive officer. She stated: “Many businesses harbour unnecessary costs due to not taking the most efficient path to delivering IT.”

Ms Hammond continued: “By having the ability to track and monitor their application usage, immediate cost savings could be made without affecting performance.”

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