New research has revealed that Umbrella Company Employees are about to see an increase in demand for their skills. The research, which was carried out by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), highlights that 50% of the firms that took part plan to raise their number of interim workers over the next three months.

This statistic does not change when the same companies were asked about plans for the long term. The indications are that over a six-monthly period the demand for freelancers, Umbrella Company Employees and other temporary workers will remain high.

The report indicates that the rise in demand could be linked to a stronger economy, which means that firms are expanding rather than stagnating and that the temporary workforce is being used to ‘feed’ this growth. This is especially true in technologically-advanced areas such as IT, programming and networking.

In addition to this upturn in the economy, the apparent shortage in skills has made it much more difficult for firms to fill positions on a permanent basis. As a result of their efforts to remain competitive, many companies see an interim workforce as the answer.

The economic conditions in the UK at present mean that there will undoubtedly be more choice of job opportunities for temporary workers, with these positions being competitively priced.

While the current situation is opportune for the temporary workforce, this may level out in the future. When the skills shortage ends, there are likely to be more permanent jobs available or more positions outsourced; however, for the next six months at least, the future looks bright.

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