There has been an announcement that only 24,100 work visas will be issued to non-EU migrants for the remainder of the financial year. Just last week the Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, David Frost, raised concerns regarding the proposed migration cap and the effect it could have on contractor opportunities. He said that the government had to strike a balance between limiting the number of non-EU nationals entering the UK while also taking into account the needs and views of UK-based businesses, especially as such restrictions could result in skills shortages.

Now, IntaPeople recruitment firm have waded into the argument and they agree with Mr Frost. IntaPeople Operations Director Phil Handley commented: “There is a concern that a cap like this could prevent exceptionally skilled migrants from outside the EU entering the country. With current unemployment figures so high, it may seem sensible looking for candidates closer to home but it is not as straightforward as this.”

He concluded: “We have handled a number of key IT positions that would not have been filled had it not been for the experience and knowledge of some of these workers. We therefore welcome the decision to hold a consultation on the matter, and hope that the Government can devise a more localised approach, so that areas suffering from skills shortages can still recruit the talent they need.”

Due to such pressure, Home Secretary Theresa May has confirmed that she will consult on this issue over a 12 week period before any final decisions are made.

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