How many Umbrella Company Employees would feel at ease if they received work-related phone calls while on holiday? The answer is a small minority, according to a global poll by Monster.

Monster’s survey found that just 11% of respondents were unconcerned about requests to work during their holidays, while almost half – 45% – found such requests unacceptable. A divide emerges between European workers and their American counterparts: 57% of the former said that it was never acceptable to be asked to work on holiday, while only 37% of Americans agreed.’s career advice expert, Mary Ellen Slayter, said that some people feel a need to remain in touch with their workplaces while on holiday; however, she continued: “Additionally, when you go on vacation and know the office won’t contact you, you can enjoy yourself more – your spouse and children want and deserve your undivided attention when you’re on a family vacation. Use your vacation as it was intended. You, your co-workers and your family will all reap the benefits.”

Monster conducted a poll on its website asking visitors a simple question: “If asked to work during a vacation, how often is ACCEPTABLE and would not be cause for seeking another job?”

4,000 people responded, but strong differences between countries emerged. An overwhelming majority of German respondents (73%) said they would never find such requests acceptable, while only 35% of French and 39% of UK respondents agreed.

What is Monster’s advice? “It’s wise to tread carefully as to not appear uncommitted, but your holiday time should be your own and it is reasonable to agree boundaries with your employer.”

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