Flexible workers and other self-employed individuals who work fro home are more content with their work-life balance and are more productive than those based in offices, new research by CV-Library indicates.

New figures published the job search site show that more than 18% of the UK’s workforce now operate from their own home, while a further 15.4% are completing work tasks both in an office environment and in their own living spaces.

Home-based workers are also likely to be more productive, with 84.3% revealing that they get more done compared to when they are forced to work in a more formal office setting; meanwhile, more than three-quarters of all workers believe working from home is better due to having fewer distractions from fellow workers.

Flexible working from home is also helping people to achieve a better balance between work and recreational time, as they do not have to spend several hours each day commuting to the office. The ability to choose working hours is also a contributing factor to improved productivity, the report notes.

Almost two-thirds of the respondents admitted that they tend to work longer hours when at home.

CV-Library managing director Lee Biggins claims the data shows that while homeworking may not be suitable for every SME and large corporation, it can be hugely beneficial to many contractors and businesses.

Mr Biggins added: “Despite the increasing number of hours that British staff are working, productivity rates remain low in the UK, indicating that our approach to business and the working day needs to shift.”

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