HM Revenue and Customs is facing a bit of embarrassment after they incorrectly sent out letters to several taxpayers in Huntingdonshire.  The letters claimed that the taxpayers owed HMRC National Insurance Contributions amounting in most cases to a few hundred pounds.  Several letters were sent out by accident after a failure to properly update the records.  A person that had changed jobs during the course of the year might have had missing information in their records about the switch which could have led to the issue.

One person in the area who received a letter was Stephen Oliver who feared that people received similar letters all over Britain.  He said “I feel like invoicing the Inland Revenue for my time. I have had 60 employees ask me what is going on and I have told them on no account to send off any money.”  Oliver said he expected that a number of people will assume that their employer has not been properly deducting the taxes from their income.

A spokesperson for HMRC said that letters of apology would be sent out to those that received the original letter in error.  It was also pointed out by Oliver that taxpayers had to pay for the incorrect letters to be mailed out by HMRC and now they would be forced to foot the bill for the letters of apology as well.

The HMRC said that they were working hard to make sure their records are updated so that this would not be an issue in the future.


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