PRISM, the trade body representing Umbrella Companies, has revealed that speakers from HMRC will take part in presentations at the free “Brave New World” seminar, which will take place at London’s King’s Fund this Friday (22nd July).

Revenue officials will be addressing the current consultation concerning forthcoming “Off-payroll – Working in the Public Sector – Reform of the Intermediaries” legislation.

The new proposals will radically shake up the ways in which both providers and recruiters work with contracting professionals engaged in public sector organisations, presenting appreciable complexities and liabilities for recruiters when they are implemented in April next year.

PRISM’s CEO, Crawford Temple, said: “These are complex changes that needs to be understood.

“I’m delighted HMRC are able to attend. Don’t miss this chance to ask them what the changes will mean for you and find out how they will work in practice.”

The seminar is designed to unite the recruitment and contracting community in managing the impact of the abolition of tax relief on travel and subsistence (T&S) costs for Umbrella Company Employees as well as exploring the forthcoming effects of changes to off-payroll rules, which are scheduled for April 2017. The event is open to providers, recruiters and employment intermediaries.

The morning session (9am – 12 pm) will be aimed primarily at providers/contracting professionals and employment intermediaries such as Umbrella Companies. Hirers and recruiters are invited to attend the afternoon session (1pm – 4pm).

Both sessions will begin with an overview of the work of PRISM since its formation, including its continuing efforts to bring about a Governmental strategic review of the taxation system, which currently shoehorns all contracting professionals into one of two categories (employed or self-employed), despite the fact that they represent a growing army of flexible workers who fit into neither box neatly.

The morning session will then focus on active consultations on off-payroll legislation and changes to IR35, followed by an address from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on “The Future Shape of Business.” HMRC officials will discuss forthcoming intermediaries legislation and off-payroll working in the public sector.

The emphasis in the afternoon session for recruiters will be on Supervision, Direction and Control, including multi-site workers and chargeable expenses. HMRC officials will again discuss Off-payroll working in the public sector and impending intermediaries legislation.

Launching the seminar earlier this month, PRISM CEO Crawford Temple said that the continued introduction of new legislation affects all stakeholders and threatens efficiency in many businesses. He added: “This seminar is deliberately designed to focus the hearts and minds on the future and how we can collectively flourish.”

Further details about the seminar can be found at the PRISM website.

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