As we begin to slowly move out of the recession, all eyes are on the jobs market for signs of continued improvement. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has just released their latest Jobs Outlook report and it signals that employers’ hiring intentions are once again on the increase.

Data contained within the report shows that ten per cent of the employers that the REC spoke to believed that their permanent staff quota would rise in the next three months. In the report released at the end of the last month only five per cent of employers were predicting an increase in permanent staff. Similarly, looking over the year ahead, sixteen per cent of employers believe that their permanent staff will increase over the twelve months, which is an increase of three per cent from last month.

However, with regards to temporary staff, seventy two per cent of employers believe that the number of staff they use will stay the same over the next year. Only five percent of employers expect an increase in temporary staff over the next quarter.

Rather startling was the disclosure by forty per cent of employers that the recession had not affected their staff at all. Of course, redundancies do continue and twenty two per cent of employers are planning redundancies, although this was a reduction of two per cent from the previous month. However, as the recession continues to loom large, employers are still required to take action to cope in these difficult financial times and as such, three per cent are planning to cut employee working hours and introduce pay reductions.

Director of research at REC, Roger Tweedy says: “It is encouraging that employer confidence is slowly but surely starting to manifest itself in terms of hiring intentions. However, it is very early days and a number of employers are still making redundancies or cutting working hours. Regular data on how employers are reacting to subtle changes in the jobs market is essential and will help recruiters to plan ahead over the coming months.”

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