Highly skilled contractors working through umbrella companies or limited companies have resources that many UK businesses regard as of paramount importance. That’s according to a new report published by Virgin Media Business, which reveals that a third of UK companies regard access to highly skilled professionals as “vital” to their continued success.

Almost half the businesses surveyed (45 per cent) said that they also considered access to funding as a crucial element to their prospects for growth. Commenting on the report, Virgin Media Businesses Managing Director, Mark Heraghty, said that private firms could become the beneficiaries of job losses in the public sector – “more desirable” workers will be entering the jobs market as a result of the government’s spending cuts, helping to boost enterprises by helping to fill skills shortages.

Mr Heraghty expressed the view that a good repertoire of sought-after skills will become more important than ever before, as they will be of pivotal importance in assisting companies to “really drive their ambitions in 2011.” Inevitably, this will mean having the right people in place, and skilled refugees from the public sector will enrich the “pool of talent” as they migrate to the private sector from their former employment. He believes that the UK market is about to change fundamentally as a result.

His comments coincide with the 2011 Technology Guide by e-skills, which was reported yesterday in Crystal Umbrella. This research strongly suggests that contractors in the IT skills market will be in for a prosperous time in the years ahead – recruitment in the sector is expected to grow five times faster than the UK average.

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