The jobbing PAYE Umbrella freelancer on contractor payroll may be intrigued by new advice on enhancing CVs from the Professional Contractors Group (PCG). Not to put too fine a point on it, the PCG is advocating a radical change in the way that contractors have customarily composed their CVs.

The emphasis of the new approach is on boosting marketability, and the PCG website contains a range of innovative suggestions to achieve just that. The traditional method of listing career placements in reverse chronological order is one of the first things to be sent to the waste bin. Instead, the PCG advocates a “Case Study Portfolio Framework.” This entails writing each contract as an “evidence-based case study” of no more than 6 lines, and then placing them within a clearly titled section – the Contract Portfolio. According to the PCG, this approach “is the most effective framework for professional contractors to write their CV.”

The versatility of this approach is its most valuable characteristic – contractors applying for placements are able to change the order of the “case studies” in their portfolio around, depending on the particular role being sought at any one time. Naturally, employers will still want to see the dates of employment, but the PCG suggests adding a “Career Chronology” after the case studies – that way, applicants can provide a clear, at-a-glance summary of dates, company names and job titles.

The approach is designed to make CVs livelier and more relevant without compromising on factual data and professional style. The PCG includes other tips for improving contractor marketability on its website, including the use of social media, and will be holding a seminar in Central London on 28th February to share ideas on maximising social media accounts such as LinkedIn.

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