The Forum of Private Businesses (FPB) is lobbying the government to include specified tax cuts within their pre-budget report on 9th December. The FPB have recently surveyed all of their members and more than twenty per cent believe that the government should be focussing policies to relieve tax burdens on SMEs.

A number of changes have been suggested by FPB in their proposals to government. These include the creation of a national insurance holiday for businesses with less than ten employees alongside a delay in the implementation of the planned 0.5% NIC rise. They would also like to see corporation tax cut to 20%. They see this as a small concession by the government which could really benefit businesses.

VAT is another major taxation issue and the FPB would like the return of the 17.5% rate should be postponed to a more reasonable timescale. They also believe that VAT should be reduced permanently within labour-intensive sectors to just 5%.

Finally, they are asking that all small businesses are automatically enrolled for the Small Business Rate Relief as figures show that less than half of the businesses who qualify for this relief have actually applied for it.

Phil Orford, FPB’s Chief Executive, said: “There is still a long and difficult road ahead of us, but small businesses are key drivers of the economy and the Government must create a tax environment in which they can thrive. That means tax relief in specific areas that would help to foster cash flow, innovation and employment opportunities so that small businesses are able to seize the opportunities that will emerge as the economy emerges from recession.”

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