At the start of this week, when the construction of the new government was still uncertain, the Forum of Private Business called for MPs and policy-makers to prioritise free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, stability and new technologies and markets in order to strengthen the economy and grow businesses. They also suggested that the new government should stop the planned rise in NICs.

Now that the new government has been decided, with the coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, the Forum has welcomed this news but remains cautious regarding what the new administration will actually deliver for small businesses.

Phil Orford, chief executive, commented: “There’s no doubt that the past week has been an anxious and worrying time for small business owners. Smaller firms urgently need some degree of certainty so they can begin to plan for the future. Hopefully, Mr Cameron’s appointment will herald the beginning of a workable government which will ensure economic stability and give smaller firms the confidence to aspire and grow.

Mr Orford concluded: “I would just like to reiterate the Forum’s previous calls for politicians of all political persuasions to show responsibility and put aside their differences in order to avoid pushing the UK into further economic turmoil. It is imperative that our MPs put aside point-scoring and work together to make Britain a stable and prosperous place to run a business.”

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