The coalition government have stated their belief that the private sector holds the key to tackling unemployment and strengthening the UK economy, particularly in light of the public sector funding cuts.

Now, an expert has claimed that many companies are choosing not to utilise the talents of the freelancing sector as part of their firm. The Chartered Management Institute’s Mike Petrook said that businesses should be making sure they have access to individuals with as many qualifications and as much experience as possible at a time when there is a skills shortage in the UK.

He also said that companies need to bear in mind that it is the quality of the end result which is most important, not whether the individuals work for the company and clock up more hours as permanent members of staff.

He added: “Are they meeting the objectives? Are they helping the organisation? That’s what really counts. Flexibility is key.”

However, despite Mr Petrook claiming that flexible workers are key, Hays have just completed research which suggests that UK businesses are not taking advantage of the IT skills which exist amongst the freelancing sector. The research attributes this to business heads believing that IT contractors are only used to avoid hiring permanent staff.

Hays company director, Charles Logan commented: “As transformation takes effect and the line between the two sectors continues to blur, a flexible workforce will be a key component of any successful organisation.”

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