According to a survey carried out by computer recruitment specialist Computer People, the number of IT contracting opportunities increased by nearly 4% in July from both a monthly and a yearly perspective.  The same company took a dim view of the sector’s prospects in June, claiming a lack of growth could cause a decline that would be felt into the third quarter and beyond.

Nevertheless, figures recently released contradict that prediction, showing a 3.9% rise in IT contracts in July and a 3.4% increase on the same month last year.  ERP contractors rose by 13.7%, whilst technical architects working in a freelance capacity grew by 11.6%.

Given the current global economic downturn, the firm is naturally remaining tentative about the immediate future, especially as the summer break has traditionally proven to be a difficult time for the industry.  Computer People’s managing director, Niall Cook, explained: “The contract market is in a slightly better position than a year ago.  It is worth remembering that this is still an excellent position.”

IT professionals are emerging as some of the biggest winners in the current market, with contracts for web developers rising by 5.6% and project management contracts up by 10%.

The Computer People report explains: “The increased demand suggests that businesses are looking to reform their back-end processes and starting to consider growth options. Boost in business intelligence, director and project management roles also suggest that businesses are bringing in talent to evaluate strategy and performance.”

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