In a clear acknowledgement that the new Conservative administration is recognising the contribution made by the Umbrella Company Employees and others from the professional contracting community to the UK’s economy, the chair of the FCSA, Graham Fisher, has been invited to attend the chancellor’s post-budget briefing on 9th July.

Mr Fisher expressed his delight that the government was keen to involve the FCSA, the largest association for supporting the UK’s flexible professionals, in this top-level meeting. He added: “It is important that FCSA continues its good work in lobbying for freelancers and contractors to be properly considered by policymakers and an invitation like this is a clear endorsement that they welcome our input and views and any steer we can give them. Flexible labour is, quite simply, the future and it appears the Government recognises this fact.”

With a week to go before the chancellor’s summer budget, the FCSA is hoping to dissuade George Osborne from any measures that would further penalise the UK’s hard-working Umbrella Company Employees and freelancing contractors. Recent research by the FCSA found that over one-fifth of the UK’s workforce comprises individuals working on a contingent basis. Growing numbers, the study suggests, are positively opting to operate as skilled contractors and Umbrella Employees.

Mr Fisher urged the chancellor to make it easier for entrepreneurial professionals such as these to operate. He welcomed the Enterprise Bill set out by the business secretary in May and encouraged Mr Osborne to build on the promises made by creating a fairer tax system that would help freelancers and contractors rather than penalising them.

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