Despite the costs of red farming diesel doubling in the last decade, contracting costs have failed to increase at the same rate; unfortunately, this has led to large numbers of contractors finding themselves in an unfortunate position.  They are in effect subsidising a proportion of the services they provide to the agricultural trade.

The situation may yet become more complex as more and more farmers turn to contractor solutions.  Hiring machinery and labour is an economical way of avoiding the spiralling costs of farm machinery and repairs, as long as the service, as well as the price, is competitive.

Farmers are advised to consider the grade of equipment offered and the working practices of the contractors rather than selecting the cheapest bid.  As with many things in life, you get what you pay for.  The best contractors will set a fair price that enables them to invest back into their own business, creating expertise they will use to ensure each farmer they serve enjoys the best possible yield.

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