With more employers turning to video interviewing methods for candidate selection, Umbrella Company Employees and other candidates who are filled with horror at the prospect have been given some sound advice on how to manage them from leading e-recruitment software provider WCN.

The company’s CEO, Charles Hipps, recommends the following measures to excel during video interviews.

Plan in advance

Ensure that you start off well by arriving early, thereby giving yourself ample time to settle down and test out the equipment. Knowing how the equipment functions will help to calm your nerves from the outset.

Take control

Arrange the camera so that it avoids distracting objects or features in the room and focuses on a good head and shoulders shot. Avoid shuffling papers or tapping the table with your finger tips, as the microphone will pick these sounds up. Dress conservatively and avoid busy materials and stripes, as the camera really won’t like either.

Background research

Interviewers will be testing your character, verbal skills and timekeeping, and also your knowledge of the company, the role on offer and the relevance of your experience. Background research is essential: be ready to give clear and concise answers in each of these areas.


As you won’t be able to turn to face individual interviewers, use other techniques of personal engagement. Make sure that you know the names of the panel members in advance and use them to indicate who you are talking to.

Make friends with the technology

Appearing comfortable with video technology during an interview often reflects very positively on the candidate, suggesting a good fit with a progressive firm’s tech-savvy culture.

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