Contractors, umbrella companies, recruiters and end clients alike may find new business opportunities in the form of online networking with the launch of a new site which offers a multitude of business-related possibilities, including a feature which allows contractors to rate other contractors in ranking systems.

The site,, has been nicknamed a ‘facebook for freelancers’, mainly due to its similarity to the popular networking site in the use of addictive messaging systems. Its most unique feature is a contractor ranking system, the value of which is determined by the contractors themselves as they rate the abilities of their peers. These ratings allow recruiters to quickly find the most suitable candidate for the job.

Martin Smith, MD of, told Contractor Calculator: “We set out on this journey two years ago, with the idea of creating the UK’s first peer rated comparison website and online community of freelance service providers, and now it’s become a reality. It embraces the full potential of web 2.0 and will revolutionise the way recruiters and contractors interact with each other.”

As recruiters are able to use the site as well, contractors have the lucrative option of simply waiting for job offers, having made information about their skills and services readily available for anyone who would need it. In addition to networking services, the site also features informative content such as reviews of umbrella companies and accountants, contractor blogs and general advice for freelancers.

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