Umbrella company employees earning their daily bread as engineering contractors enjoyed a bumper month in July, as did candidates for permanent engineering roles, according to new figures from the recruitment software provider, Recruitive.

Recruitive provides a multiple job posting platform, which recorded a striking surge of 37% in the number of engineering vacancies posted in July ‒ a high point as yet unsurpassed in 2014.

Recruitive’s managing director, Richard Clarke, said: “Our figures back The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) who, at the end of July, reported that the demand remains high and that 51% of employers said they were recruiting staff this year.”

In news that will be music to the ears of many freelancing professional engineers, especially those keeping an eye open for well-paid new contracting opportunities, Mr Clarke went on to point out that the 2014 annual report from the IET revealed that increasing numbers of employers are finding it extraordinarily difficult to source the engineering talent they need.

He added: “This is also reflected in our data, which shows that our clients are having to advertise their engineering vacancies on many different job board websites in order to find the standard of recruit they are looking to hire.”

Recruitive’s data reveals that while retail vacancies were advertised on no more than four different job board websites, engineering vacancies were advertised on ten. The higher number was driven by the need to increase candidate exposure in order to source the right talent.

Contractors tend to fare well in such circumstances.

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