Demand for PAYE umbrella contractors with expertise in engineering and the IT skills market is set to climb steeply over the next few months, as the new mobile-oriented broadband infrastructure 4G gets installed across the UK.

Technology journalist Michael Brook says that billions of pounds are to be invested in the project, which will generate around 125,000 jobs throughout the country, although the lion’s share will be concentrated in the UK’s business hub, London. He added: “I believe there are more in the south but the north are also going to benefit because this is a country wide initiative. It is not just a southern concentration of jobs, there are going to be jobs created across the country.”

According to Mr Brook, the majority of the 125,000 new jobs will be in the engineering sector, offering contractors in this field the prospect of a bonanza of new assignments.

Specialists in IT contracting are also likely to find themselves being much sought after, and not simply because of 4G. A spokesman for the REC’s technology sector group, David Pye, has recently revealed that many companies are already struggling to find IT talent of the right calibre for the posts they need to fill. The problem, it seems, has been exacerbated by a decline in the number of young people enrolling on computer courses over the last five years.

Mr Pye observed: “I think it is a very common problem trying to get more people to look at IT and technology as important for the UK industry because when you are talking to younger people or people just starting their careers, it isn’t as attractive as other professions.”

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