As the uptake of mobile technology soars, growing numbers of assignment-seeking Umbrella Company Employees and other job candidates may prefer to use their smartphones and tablets to secure opportunities; however, they are being thwarted by a failure on the part of employers to adapt to the mobile revolution.

So says a new survey of employers and jobseekers from, which found that while one-third of candidates use their mobile devices to search for opportunities and 48% use them for researching potential employers or end clients, just 39% of the employers polled have so far developed a website dedicated to smartphones and mobiles.

Employers who have failed to keep up with our increasingly mobile times could be losing out on securing the best talent: the study also found that almost one-fifth (19%) of candidates considered an inability to apply for openings using their mobile devices to be a negative mark against the company concerned.

Employers scored rather better when it came to engaging prospective recruits through channels such as Twitter or Facebook, however, with 76% actively embracing social media – a strategy that met with the approval of many candidates’s marketing director, Sinead Bunting, said that the age of relying on a “one-dimensional job advert or career site” were fading. She added: “Employers need to ensure their approach to recruitment matches their consumer marketing. This means making the application process and jobs information available across a range of devices, including mobiles, smartphones, desktops and tablets; otherwise, they’ll find a new generation of job applicants will slip through the recruitment net.”

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