Britain is poised to become a “magnet for talent and skills” across Europe as domestic candidate availability tumbles and demand soars in the UK.

So says KPMG partner and head of business Bernard Brown, who was responding to the recent JobsOutlook survey from the REC and KPMG. Over half (53.5%) of the 400 employers and recruiters polled in the survey said that there were fewer candidates available for vacancies in July than in June.

While this is likely to be rather lucrative news for jobbing Umbrella Company Employees and others in the professional contracting community, the scale of the UK skills shortage is such that, even with their steadily rising ranks, there are simply not enough flexible workers to plug all the talent shortages faced by domestic businesses.

Mr Brown believes the steady drop in candidate availability in the UK, which applies to contractor roles as well as permanent positions, is far from bad news, however, demonstrating instead that Britain is economically outperforming its EU neighbours.

He explained: “I see this as an opportunity for the UK. Wages are up due to a classic case of demand outstripping supply. With more jobs and higher wages, highly-skilled workers from all across Europe will be falling over themselves to come and work here. Britain will become a magnet for talent and skills. Far from this being a problem here, it’s much more likely to become an issue in other parts of Europe as they suffer a talent drain.”

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