A review of first quarter hiring data for IT professionals covering the years from the start of the recession to the present makes encouraging reading for Umbrella Company Employees and permanent job-hunters alike: IT job vacancies are steadily on course to return to pre-recession levels.

An extended review of first quarter hiring data over the last five years by online jobs board CWJobs.co.uk reveals that both contracting and permanent IT roles have been steadily on the rise for four consecutive years.

Just three years ago, overall hiring of IT professionals had reached just 41% per cent of the level achieved in Q1 2008, the period just before before the financial crisis kicked in. By Q1 2013, the gap had narrowed to a far more optimistic 15%.

Britain’s businesses appear to be regaining confidence and are taking on new staff, either because they are expecting to expand or because they are acting to stimulate growth. The survey reveals that the ‘king of the skills’ – the most reliably in-demand area reaching back over the whole of the last five years – remains SQL, although C# has now overtaken C as a sought-after skill. The older language, it seems, is increasingly being put out to pasture by employers.

CWJobs’ website director, Richard Nott, said: “As Britain’s economic position stabilises, growth is being seen across most sectors of the IT industry, signalling that it is finally recovering from the recession. The technology industry looks to be at the forefront of Britain’s growth, and if it maintains the same trajectory, could be boosting Britain’s economic position even further.”

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