According to NHS recruitment company Max20, the need for specialists in the IT sector is expected to remain at a healthy level for the next three years.  Max20 also says that contractors who bring Windows 8 skills to an NHS setting will be most in demand, which is a trend that started halfway through 2013.

Don Tomlinson, the managing director of Max20, says that the NHS is undergoing a transformation in its attitude to recruitment, becoming far more relaxed about taking on IT experts with no prior NHS experience.  The latest statistics reveal that for nearly 50% of the new contracting posts offered by the NHS in IT, no NHS work history was required; however, just last year many candidates would not be considered without care provider experience.

The NHS is currently in the process of a structural transformation; amongst other changes, primary care trusts are being replaced with clinical commissioning groups.  This has created a need for supporting IT engineers and software experts and is a perfect opportunity for Umbrella Company Employees and other flexible workers to find work within the NHS – even those with a history in corporate roles.

“The NHS was not always adept at knowing how to handle contractors; its rates were not competitive and NHS experience was essential to be seriously considered.  However … we have seen a sea-change that [means] IT contractors with the right skills are being considered regardless of sector background. Indeed, commercial sector experience can be viewed very favourably,” said Mr Tomlinson.

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