Demand for PAYE umbrella contractors specialising in the IT skills market could be set to rise as more UK businesses move toward paper-free operations, according to comments made by the co-founder of, Raz Godelnik.

Adopting electronic formats, such as e-billing, can radically improve a company’s economic efficiency, Mr Godelnik believes. As more businesses adopt this method, of course, new IT systems will be required, a development that could well result in a surge of work for IT contracting specialists. Businesses must ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place before making the move to internet billing, Grodelnik added.

He thinks that companies should do more to encourage reductions in the use of paper, suggesting that employees who save paper could be given incentives to keep up the good work: “Many times you see companies that save a lot of money but they save a lot of money because the employees are taking these steps. It’s good if you can share these savings, whether it’s through bonuses or launching some sort of competition between teams.”

With the right IT advisers on board, Grodelnik believes, UK firms can capitalise on a plethora of software options currently available to ditch paper and create wholly digitalised environments: “If it’s about invoices or sending receipts, billing and so on – you can find software that is a good fit for small companies and not as expensive.”

There is already, he explained, a range of different levels of software available, many of which are ideally suited to smaller firms. An example is new PDF software that doesn’t permit staff to make paper printouts of the document.

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