Umbrella Company techies with cybersecurity know-how could be about to find demand for their services soaring. The leading technology job board Technojobs has revealed a huge surge in the number of cybersecurity roles on offer over the last year, but skills shortages are leaving many employers unable to appoint permanent employees.

Between October 2013 and October 2014, the number of cybersecurity roles posted rose by more than 100%, making it one of the most sought-after IT skills in the UK. Over the same period, average salaries rose by 10% ‒ from £57,000 to £65,000 ‒ as employers scrambled to attract the talent they needed.

Technojobs’ MD, Anthony Sherick, said that demand for these skills will continue to grow, especially in the light of high-profile hacking scandals such as the iCloud celebrity photo affair and cyber-attacks such as the eBay password incident. Government demand for security specialists, he said, was also massive.

Schools, universities and businesses should start to collaborate immediately on creating a talent pipeline to fill these vacant security positions, Mr Sherick continued, adding: “The massive rise in the UK’s tech industry has been illustrated by the number of jobs that are now empty. If there continues to be such a distinct lack of skills, businesses will find it increasingly difficult to recruit employees from the UK with appropriate skills, stunting the growth of the economy.”

An implication, of course, is that with demand as urgent as this, employers will turn to the IT contracting community for freelance professionals with the requisite skills.

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