It’s true what they say – honesty is the best policy. Well, this is certainly the lesson that has been learned by four IT contractors who have lost their contracts as a result of misleading claims on their CV regarding qualifications that they did not hold. These false qualifications were not picked up at the application stage but were highlighted during the screening process when they were renegotiating an existing contract.

Powerchex who were responsible for screening the four contractors in question said that checks on contractors’ qualifications and skills at the end-of-contract stage were becoming increasingly commonplace.

Alexandra Kelly, founder of Powerchex, commented to Contractor UK: “A lot of IT contractors are being screened for the first time for qualifications. A few were caught lying about degrees and other qualifications. In every case they lost their contracts, even though they had been with the client for a long time and they were screened as part of renegotiating an existing contract.”

It would seem that contractors have become more likely to lie on their CV as a result of the current jobs climate, particularly in a bid to cover up long periods without work,

Ms Kelly stated: “The gaps in particular are gaining prevalence as contract candidates try to shorten periods of being without work. My advice is not to lie. Clients understand that times are tough and people are being made redundant, but they are ruthless with the lies.”

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