Crystal Umbrella is dedicated to providing a professional service to all of our customers and clients. This is why, back in 2008, we launched our Recognition scheme to publicly praise and reward our staff who go that extra mile for our customers and client base. The aim, as always, was to ensure that those using our services can trust in the knowledge and expertise which exists within Crystal and that, irrespective of their reason for contacting us, individuals can expect to receive the highest standards of customer care.

The Recognition scheme has actually succeeded in refocussing the entire business, serving as a reminder to all staff that customer service and satisfaction is at the very heart of the service we provide. Overall the scheme has been a resounding success and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 2009 winners: Sam Cayton, Suzanne Coombes and Christine Smith. In fact, Sam Cayton and his colleagues in Information Technologies deserve further congratulations as they were named Crystal Umbrella’s Team of the Year 2009.

Crystal Umbrella continues to promote excellence. We are dedicated to developing our staff and our business. We recognise and appreciate the skills and talents of each and every one of our employees and the opportunity to reward their dedication to the work that we do. Our Recognition scheme has now run its course but our commitment to customer service and staff development continues with our newly-launched scheme which aims to tap into the skills and knowledge of our front line staff to generate fresh ideas for the business as a whole.

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