Umbrella Company employees who specialise in STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and data analysis can look forward to plenty of new opportunities in 2015 if the most in-demand skills for 2014 trend into the New Year, newly released data from LinkedIn suggests.

The business-orientated social networking giant has just published the most sought-after skills in the UK for 2014 after analysing skills and experience data from its 330 million-strong worldwide member base. The results reveal that the top 25 most in-demand skills are dominated by STEM subjects, with professionals demonstrating expertise in data analysis, retrieval and storage being especially sought after. Organisations across a diverse range of industries are seeking to harness the benefits of big data.

The list of skills that got people hired in the UK this year are as follows:

  1. Middleware and integration software.
  2. Storage systems and management.
  3. Statistical analysis and data mining.
  4. Perl/ Ruby/ Python.
  5. Data engineering and data warehousing.
  6. Network and information security.
  7. Business intelligence.
  8. SEO/ SEM marketing.
  9. Foreign language translation.
  10. Mobile development.
  11. Data presentation.
  12. Public policy and international relations.
  13. Algorithmic design.
  14. User interface design.
  15. Web architecture and development framework.
  16. Integrated circuit design.
  17. SAP ERP systems.
  18. C/ C++.
  19. Corporate law and governance.
  20. Data management and software.
  21. Mining and commodities.
  22. Marketing campaign management.

STEM skills are particularly strongly reflected in the UK’s professional contracting community, many of whom, it would seem, can expect multiple offers in the New Year.


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