The latest quarterly Robert Walters European Jobs Index reveals that the number of UK job vacancies in Q3 2013 expanded by over 5% – greater than the 4% rise seen over the first half of the year.

The data suggests that Umbrella Company Employees specialising in core contracting disciplines such as IT and finance have been amongst the principal beneficiaries of the return of hiring confidence: both sectors saw double digit percentage increases during the quarter, as indeed did treasury roles.

IT openings leapt by 18%, largely driven by a new proliferation of startups and by several big international firms opening their doors in the UK for the first time. Between them, banking and financial services took first prize in the contractor-relevant job opening stakes, with new postings shooting up by 20% in Q3. Growing turnover and rising demand for candidates with skills in areas such as product control lay behind the surge.

Treasury professionals also enjoyed a good quarter, with vacancies rising by 13% – a sign that growing confidence is leading businesses to predict bigger cash flows and hire additional staff to manage them.

The CEO of Robert Walters UK, Chris Hickey, said that the growth in demand for so many positions was encouraging. More and more people were willing to commute to roles outside London, he continued, adding: “Banking and financial services is on the rise as institutions appear quietly confident that growth is sustainable, with many increasing the size of their revenue generating departments. Other encouraging signs of growth are coming from the IT sector as companies look to add staff to bolster their mobile and e-commerce teams.”

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