Contractors working through umbrella companies in the IT skills market should concentrate their energies on cloud computing skills, a new report from the IT recruitment agency Modis suggests.

The company polled 250 IT decision makers in the UK and found that 36% of them – well over a third – believe that the progressive uptake of cloud computing has produced major changes in the role of the most sought after IT professionals. Moreover, the trend is likely to accelerate in 2012, as Modis Managing Director Jim Albert explains:

“Although cloud computing was supposed to flourish in 2011, the process of integrating this technology into business systems has taken longer than expected. As a result, next year’s major IT innovation will come in the form of effective utilisation and implementation of cloud technology.”

IT is no longer a behind-the-door background technology, Albert insists, but an integral component of a successful business strategy, especially with the rise of cloud computing. He went on:

“IT professionals are amongst the first to feel technological changes in the workplace, but are also amongst some of the best placed to meet any challenges head on. As cloud computing continues to develop, those with relevant skills will find themselves in high demand across the recruitment spectrum.”

The Modis report concludes that firms are especially interested in certified candidates; they are seeking talent capable of protecting them against cyber threats and maintaining the security of their networks. IT contracting specialists in the know about cloud security are likely to be especially in demand next year as a result.

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