The CBI stated yesterday that Britain is set for a complete reform of its business model and contractors are set to be at its heart. They have said that they expect companies to work with a small core team and enhance the skills within by employing freelance staff and consultants. These contracted staff will be essential to the overall running of the organisation, providing core skills and services, but will only be utilised when required.

This is also set to benefit the contractors themselves as they will be rewarded financially for their willingness to work in such a flexible manner, especially given the recent economic difficulties. Businesses are sure to recognise that contractors are not awarded the same job security as their permanent counterparts.

The CBI believe that these changes to the way our workforce operates will be as a direct result of the recession, which came as a shock and hit businesses hard, resulting in mass redundancies across all sectors. The recession has also highlighted the skills deficit within many staff teams. Businesses will be looking for these specific skills sets and, therefore, there will be a greater responsibility placed on contractors to make sure that they are taking advantage of all training opportunities. This will provide them with greater job opportunities.

The CBI commented: “Without the right skills and/or mentality will find it increasingly difficult to secure jobs – in some areas, long-term unemployment…will become a major problem.”

They concluded: “Others will prefer the security and stability of a permanent job, but those skilled individuals who are prepared to work flexibly will get higher rewards.”

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