It has been revealed by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) that, with many companies reducing their plans to expand permanent staff, independent contractors are set to benefit. With the economy’s future remaining uncertain, the next quarter will see more temporary workers taken on as firms look at payroll outsourcing and IT contracting instead of having in-house staff.
With the economy remaining turbulent, it was shown that, in respect to staffing over the next three months and indeed the next year, plans envisioned at the start of the year to add employees to firms are to be downgraded. The result will see increasing work for temporary staff and independent contractors.

Director of research at REC, Roger Tweedy, explained that the downgraded company plans were an indication of the “uncertain economic context.” He added “With the economy continuing to stagnate, businesses will understandably remain cautious, which is why we are seeing an increase in the longer term demand for flexible staff, such as temporary and contract workers.”

With 83% of firms revealing that contract workers would stay at current levels or increase over the coming year, the future looks bright for contractors. Over the next quarter alone, 79% of employers said temporary staff would be boosted or held steady at a minimum. With payroll outsourcing and IT contracting two specific areas that are being utilised by firms to cut costs, those in these sectors are set to see rising amounts of freelance work.

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