A new and very welcome development has been announced that is good news for the construction industry. The go ahead for the new £250m Center Parcs Village in Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire, which has been given to the multi-disciplined construction company of Edmond Shipway, may just be the turning point that the industry needs to bolster its tenacious hold on the economy and so help the umbrella companies within its fold.

The company will be acting as project manager and cost consultants for the build on the 360-acre site. There will be plenty for them to manage, with 625 lodges proposed plus swimming pools, a luxury hotel, sports facilities, and lots more besides.

Why is the building of Center Parcs good for the construction industry? The answer is because of the employment that it brings to that area through umbrella companies, and also because it will help to lift the constraints that the recession has put on the industry. It will also be a good time for the contract tradespeople, freelance engineers and consultants who rely on the work within the industry, as they will be added to the contractor payroll, have more money to spend, and so bolster the economy.

This project at Center Parcs is going to create 1,200 jobs within the building industry, and with a further 1,500 promised over the next two years it is the positive news that everyone involved in the construction industry needed. It is not just umbrella companies who will benefit; the suppliers and other tradespeople in the area will also see their cashflow improve.

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