With storm clouds gathering ominously over the Eurozone once again due to the crisis building in Greece, UK contractors working assiduously through umbrella companies cannot be faulted for worrying a little over their future job prospects; however, if British businesses heed the advice of one expert, a significant hike in contractor roles can be expected.

Ewan McKay, who is the marketing manager at Response Recruitment, has urged businesses to consider outsourcing some of their key projects – a move which, he insists, will lead to improvements in their overall performance.

Bringing in specialists in IT contracting or marketing for specific projects, McKay maintains, will help firms lower their costs, expand their pool of knowledge and improve their service to their customers or clients. Outsourcing these roles, he said, reduces service costs and associated revenue rather than increasing them.

He added: “It can help improve your customer’s experiences through enhanced customer insight and allows firms to tap into the latest innovative thinking and developments whilst limiting capital expenditure.”

McKay urged more business leaders to consider the option, claiming that outsourcing enables companies to focus their attention on their core objectives while remaining safe in the knowledge that side projects are in the capable hands of highly skilled contractors. It also helps businesses to develop new knowledge in specialist areas and establish potentially highly fruitful relationships with a range of industry experts working in the UK’s contractor community.

Given that his intervention follows hot on the heels of the REC’s latest Report on Jobs, which suggested that businesses continued to view contractors as a “valuable resource”, he might just have offered his suggestion at a very apt time.

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