This week came the big announcement that everyone had been waiting for – the planned spending cuts by the coalition government designed to repay Britain’s deficit. However, while most of the country is now preparing for how these cuts will affect them, many industry experts believe that the cuts could actually result in opportunities for contractors.
Managing director of PCG, John Brazier, commented: : “Every single sector of our society will feel the impact of this far reaching review; from a PCG perspective it will be some time before we can directly assess the consequences of the review for our members. What we can say with confidence is that the public sector has increasingly engaged freelance workers throughout the UK because of their flexibility, skills and value for money.
He continued: “Despite these economically challenging times having this flexible and skilled workforce available will allow the public sector to call on a range of skills and resources when and where they need them. Freelancer flexibility on tap must be beneficial to all concerned. It can help local and central government control costs while providing the best service possible.”
This view was echoed by Brookson’s managing director, Martin Hesketh, who told Shout 99: “Planned cuts to governmental departments including energy and climate change (18 per cent over the next four years), transport (21 per cent), culture, media and sport (24 per cent) and defence (7.5 per cent) may pose more of an opportunity rather than a threat for contractors.
Mr Hesketh concluded: “In a nutshell, a government department wishing to tighten its purse strings will inevitably turn to making job losses for permanent members of staff. Contractors provide unrivalled benefits to a department head wanting to manage their budgets effectively. Employing a contractor to do the job required on a “needs must” basis presents an attractive option over a full-time employee.”

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